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First off!

Welcome to the official JBiv website

        I am an Atlanta local artist and I  have been producing beats for over 10 years. My goal is to provide everyone with quality Hip Hop, RnB, Rap, among other styles of music for affordable prices. I grew up near Atlanta, GA, born and raised in the 90’s, so I have been influenced by some of the greats of the old school all the way up to the current era that we live in, in addition to local artists who I have been around and grown with my talents over the years.  To each and everyone of my influences over these past years, I thank you and I will continue to provide you with all of my experiences through my music!

……..If I may,

I would like to think of myself as the roots of the rose.

While every artist…being the rose…getting the attention…would not grow without the roots.

Those roots…being the beat…is the back bone of every song;        unless it’s an acapella of course.

Even with thorns in the way, I strive to have top quality and top notch beats for you as the consumer to grow with and vibe to whether it be for an album or just a beat to kick it to and cipher.   I’ll be the strong roots by providing an array of different sounds and genres for each and every individual to choose from and blossom into the rose, and continue to grow as an artist by letting others know that it is the rose, that they all came for, and through the thorns, with strong roots, they will be the rose that stands in the field above the other flowers.

I typically use Propellerhead’s Reason in all of my compositions in addition to other sources for mastering.  I do not like to use samples in my music in order to keep everything completely original, but I occasionally will throw a sample or two in a song if it is fitting.  On the other hand I will use samples if requested for a considerable collaboration or likewise a custom beat at the consumers request because you are top priority.

……..I strive to provide a website that is easy to navigate and easy to use, if you have any suggestions to making a more enjoyable experience feel free to contact me on the contact page.  The store system integrated into the website is completely automated in order to make everything easy and processed quickly for both parties. When you make a purchase you will receive all files to your purchased instrumentals instantly after purchasing them.  That way you can start filling pages in your rhyme book without having to wait!  I hope that you enjoy the music in my store and I appreciate you for visiting my site. You will not regret visiting JBiv Beats to fulfill your needs.  Thank you!

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